Next Just A Game Con

Next Just A Game Con will take place on the weekend of October 26th and 27th 2019!



War of the Spark

Prerelease for War of the Spark

Midnight Friday:
Located at Matt's Cavalcade of Comics
$25 per person - includes pizza
11pm registration/12 midnight start

Located at Corvallis Elks Lodge
$35 per person - includes lunch
11am registration/12 noon start

Sunday Only: Two-Headed Giant
A 2v2 Sealed event

This is a Sealed event.
2 packs per person are added to the prize pool, tournament is capped at 4 rounds.
Any preordered booster boxes of War of the Spark may be picked up at this event.

Planeswalker Decks ($15) from War of the Spark can be
purchased at the Prerelease for Open Dueling.