Magic League

Magic League Ravnica Allegiance will be an improvement on previous League systems.

Entry is $25. Upon entering you'll receive 6 booster packs of Ravnica Allegiance, a 200 count card storage box, and 3 packs will be added to a prize pool. You will then construct a sealed 40-card deck using the 6 packs to be played against other player's League decks.
Every week on Monday, you may purchase another pack to add to your card pool. You may also add another packs to you card pool after 3 losses.
The League decks will be housed at the store for the duration of Magic League. January 28th - February 18th. After League is over, prizes will be awarded for many different categories including Most Wins, Most Wins Against Store Employees, Most Creative Deck (vote). Then all the cards in your pool, and your box are welcome to go home with you!

League may be played at the store at any time during the 4-week period. While there should always be a couple people here on Mondays, please use the Facebook group to gather League players at your leisure!


Ravnica Allegiance

Prerelease for Ravnica Allegiance

Upon registration you will select a Guild, your Prerelease pack will contain one seeded booster pack composed of card relevant to the chosen guild.
This includes 1 semi-randomized date-stamped rare or mythic rare foil promo card from the featured guild.

Midnight Friday:
Located at Matt's Cavalcade of Comics
$25 per person - includes pizza
11pm registration/12 midnight start

Located at Corvallis Elks Lodge
$35 per person - includes lunch
11am registration/12 noon start

Sunday Only: Two-Headed Giant
A 2v2 Sealed event

This is a Sealed event.
2 packs per person are added to the prize pool, tournament is capped at 4 rounds.
Any preordered booster boxes of Ravnica Allegiance may be picked up at this event.

Planeswalker Decks ($15) from Ravnica Allegiance can be purchased at the Prerelease for Open Dueling.

Just A Game Con #31

Next Just A Game Con takes place April 6th and 7th 2019

Gearing up for Game Con


The first JAGC of 2019 is set for April 6 and 7! That means there are only 127 short days to prepare.

All of the sign up forms for volunteers, demo leaders, and vendors is ready on the Event Sign-Up Form page.

Notably, while we add ~3 games to our demos each month, we have added KeyForgeDungeon Mayhem, and Magic Game Night!




Stay up to date by following JAGC on Facebook or at



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